Creamy Individual Cheesecakes


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Lemon & Lime – zingy lemon, lime and vanilla.

Raspberry – little zingy, little bit tart

Green Tea & Pistachio – subtle Japanese Matcha green tea – wonderfully healthy too!

Blueberry & Vanilla – scrumptious and good for you too!

Chocolate Hazelnut – aka healthy raw Nutella!

Banana & Caramel – little play on Banoffie Pie.

Ingredients in all cheesecakes:  walnuts, cashews, dates, coconut oil, lemon juice, almond milk, maple syrup, lecithin, vanilla extract, plus:  Lemon & Lime:  lime juice, lemon & lime zest, turmeric (great anti-inflammatory benefits);  Raspberry – raspberries and raw raspberry syrup;  Green Tea & Pistachio – Matcha green tea powder, pistachios;  Blueberry & Vanilla:  raw blueberry syrup, whole blueberries (powerful little antioxidant);   Chocolate Hazelnut:  hazelnuts, raw cacao powder, raw cacao nibs;  Banana & Caramel – bananas, cashew butter and maple syrup. Will keep 3-4 days in the fridge or 3 months in the freezer (available frozen)


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